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Goodwill won the Texas State award for Small Employer of the Year 2019, and also Service to Community, Small Employer of the Year and Employer of Excellence for the South Plains  2019,

all via nominations by Workforce Solutions South Plains. 


Click on the video below to find out more about our mission "To create job opportunities for people with barriers to employment."

Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas won the Texas Workforce Commission's Texas Small Employer of the Year 2019, after being honored as the South Plains Small Employer of the Year,  Employer of Excellence, and Service to Community by Workforce Solutions South Plains. 

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Goodwill was honored as the State of Texas' Small Employer of the Year! The Texas Workforce Commission honored GINWT in Nov. 2019 with the award which recognized GINWT  for their contributions to the community’s workforce and as a second chance employer who not only hires those with barriers to employment, but offers, at no charge, job training opportunities to people in the community who face barriers to employment. Thank you TWC! And Thank You Workforce Solutions South Plains for nominating Goodwill! 

Training, Placement and Life Skills