Clyde Townsend: Pushing Forward

“Hi!  I’m Clyde Townsend and I work in Document Destruction at Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas. I retired from the machine shops and metal working industries in 2006 at 72 years of age due to an on the job injury that left me with less than 20 percent vision in my left eye. Because of this injury the company felt like I could no longer do my job.  It was probably best because I was slowing down and having a harder time lifting heavy objects.   

In 2010 I realized that I was going to have to go back to work, at least part-time. I did get a job, part-time with a security company.  It turned out to be more part than time so I started looking for other work.  I found out about the computer classes at Goodwill Industries so applied there. The instructor was very helpful and patient with me while teaching me how to use the computer to make job searches online.  I am now confident in the use of a computer.  While in the class I was hired by Goodwill as a shredder in Document Destruction, a job that is very easy for me to do and supplements my social security quite well.  I am very thankful for this help and job as I had applied many places but my age was against me.  Goodwill Industries is very good about helping people who cannot find work elsewhere and in finding jobs for people.”

Clyde Townsend passed away in January 2016, while still employed at Goodwill.