Lynette Plasencio: Becoming New

“My name is Lynette Plasencio. I am 41 years old. I have two beautiful children, Andrew and Michael. I am a recovering drug addict and currently a client of the Downtown Women’s Center, participating in their Recovery and New Way of Life Program. I am pleased to share a little bit of my experience while attending some classes at Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas. I have struggled and hidden my mess and heartache for 20 or more years. In August 2015 I surrendered my life and will over to Jesus Christ! I went to an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program at Amarillo Recovery for Alcohol and Drugs. I graduated on Oct. 28, 2015, and vigorously embraced every obstacle set in front of me with complete willingness to be free from the bondage I was trapped within. I have some disabilities and, due to my history with drug abuse, I was no longer going to take any pain medicines. If I endured pain I would learn coping skills. I refused to get Social Security. I would not go on disability because I am not disabled in my mind or heart nor my soul! I am very capable of doing more than I thought. I might not be able to stand or walk for more than half an hour at a time, but I certainly will fight to work on that. What I can do is follow the light to the path of my purpose. I thought how great it would be if I could go back to school and get the skills and knowledge necessary to find a job where my new skills could be applied. But I never thought I would be given direction to go to Goodwill Industries. When I was led there, I was a bit closed minded to be honest. I was completely unware of the services Goodwill provided. I actually preferred the community college. After then my first week in Microsoft Word I saw the light come on. I was doing things. I could type. I was not as dumb as I defined myself to be while in my active addiction. The cobwebs were brushed away and I became very motivated and confident! I started to dress like a lady and I felt pretty! I began to feel real smart! I have to say with this opportunity at Goodwill, my confidence has immensely increased. I feel like I have a purpose when I get up daily. I love it! I have been given the go ahead to rise up out of the trenches and face my fears and realize I am smart and because I achieved these certificates from Goodwill, I get to go back to college at Amarillo College and get more knowledge and skills necessary to become more responsible and lead my family in an example of being well educated, hard -working members of our community. I am going to be a leader and my mess has become my message and my struggles are becoming my strengths!”