To create Job Opportunities for People with Barriers to Employment


Goodwill will be recognized as a community resource for overcoming barriers to employment and serve as a role model for other businesses to do likewise.


Ethics – Goodwill embraces the highest ethical standards in everything we do and are committed to demonstrating these standards to all stakeholders.

Excellence – Goodwill is committed to excellence as a continuing process.  This commitment to excellence is characterized by the way we set standards; evaluate results, the physical environment of Goodwill properties, and our emphasis on quality

Satisfaction – Goodwill makes satisfaction the starting point for every decision, action, and measure of our effectiveness.  We anticipate changing needs and expectations, and meet those changes by improving performance and adding value to our products and services.

Workforce Development – Goodwill provides high quality vocational service programs that expand the opportunities and vocational capabilities of persons with barriers to employment.  These programs are based on community needs and establish us as a premier workforce development organization across the South Plains, for people with barriers to employment.

Employee Strength – Goodwill attracts and retains highly qualified professionals responsible for directing, operating and managing our programs and business activities.  We involve our employees in determining our agency’s future direction and provide them with information, training, and opportunities commensurate with their skills to strengthen accountability.

Governance – Goodwill attracts and retains qualified and committed Board members responsible for our governance.  Board members are recruited based on our agency’s identified leadership requirements, and are expected to support the agency’s efforts with their time, expertise, influence and financial resources.

Financial Responsibility – Goodwill operates the Corporation in a fiscally responsible manner so that sufficient resources are available to carry out our mission.

Opportunities – Goodwill operates a variety of profitable activities that support our mission.  We provide training opportunities in a work environment similar to what individuals would experience in a competitive, community workplace.