Zeinab Ali: Bridging Gaps

“My story with Goodwill begins after I graduated ESL (English as a Second Language) class and got my GED. I realized that I did not have computer skills. My first visit was to Amarillo College. Unfortunately at that time it was already two weeks into the semester with no beginner’s class offered. I went to the public library and found out that there was a class available one day per week for one hour. It was there when I and another gentleman were advised by a lady at the library to go to Goodwill for free computer training. I knew the store, but did not know anything about the Career Center. The next day I came back, filled the application, and met Maria, an employee there. She told me that right now there was no class, but she gave me the schedule for the fall.

I did not go back until one day my aunt told me that there were ladies from Goodwill looking for me at my house. It was the first time anyone from any school did that for me. I still remember it as it was a big day for me for sure. I will remember it.  I attended the class, and I knew those ladies were serious, so I became serious about the class too. I had to learn, so I did well in typing, Microsoft Word, and in 2013 spring I came back for intermediate - to study Excel, and PowerPoint.As soon as I graduated I found a job as a phlebotomist, and computers are very important for this job. A person who has no computer skills cannot get a job as a phlebotomist. This year I got a raise because of the computer – I know how to use computers, and I know how to use the system at the hospital.”